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About Us

Mirrors International is a Kerala based firm, established in the year 1935. Our business is located at G.B Road, Palakkad.

Our establishment deals in glass, mirrors, photo frames and frame works. We specialize in Window Glass, Colour Glass, Plain Glass, Tinted Glass, Photo lamination, Etching & Designing. Pictures of all gods and sceneries, Ravi Varma pictures and framed photos is available. We also provide decorative mirrors, bathroom mirrors & bathroom corner stands. Special Fibre statue of Lord Krishna, Marble statues, 16 face lamp for temples and house-hold purpose. Showroom glasses, structural glasses, PVC door work, aluminium fixed and sliding window work, Kitchen and wardrobe settings [PVC]. We as well provide divine voices and Gift Articles. We take in orders of bulk purchase and small as well.

Experience makes perfection

With more than 80 years of business experience in frame work, glass and mirrors, we specialise in all types and sizes of products. Our team is unique in providing quality products for the above mentioned items. Mirrors, glasses and frames cut to size is one of our expertise. Mirrors International is built on a strong reputation. Locally owned and operated, we offer our customers quick service for which we are famous.

Continuing Innovation

You don’t stay in business for 80 years without evolving and innovating. Since 1935, we’ve continued to evolve and innovate, incorporating new designs and techniques. That’s how we continue to create new and exciting work, and solve client's challenges.

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